10 Things Men Wish Someone Had Told Them Before Having A Baby

Here a husband and wife share their real experience with us of having their first born. This piece is not to give tips about parenting; it is just some realistic experience of two parents of having their first baby. This will give you an insight about the reality; the outcomes and side effects of having a baby.

In last article we went through a mother’s nightmares and experiences, this post is about the things men wish they knew about becoming a dad.

Dad’s side of the experience of having his angel

  1. Don’t underestimate the small creature, he is strong as hell.
  2. It’s amazing how a particular someone is just hours old.
  3. You are never ready.
  4. The human body can be beautiful thing.
  5. As a man we are expected to be strong but the sight of your first baby will make you cry, only fellow male parents will understand this thing.
  6. Set rules for everyone. The baby is yours, major decisions are yours and baby’s mother; grandparents are too excited too but they have to play by your rules.
  7. It’s your first time and you are not an expert dealing with babies. Be ready to hear a nurse tell you which thing you are doing the wrong way.
  8. Go bat for the mom, she has to do some very hard stuff. She is in pain and lot of stress. Things will get normal for her and you have to there for her.
  9. Be patient, with the baby, your wife and the hospital staff.
  10. When you are back to your family dealing you might get angry sometimes. Be ready for such a situation and people will understand you so don’t worry.

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