10 Interesting Facts About Cocaine

While many of us know that cocaine is bad for our health, many are still addicted to it, especially teenagers. Though it is a sad fact of our generation, there are some interesting facts about cocaine that will make you wonder.

Here’s a list of those crazy facts:

  1. The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believed that cocaine can be used in treating depression and other morphine addictions etc.
  2. Sounds strange, but every year 40,000 babies are born who will be addicted to cocaine.
  3. Cocaine is called a rich man’s drug because it’s mostly used in upper class community openly.
  4. Cocaine is the second most illegitimate drugs used in the world.
  5. Cocaine is approved as the best heart attack drug because it increases the blood pressure and thickens the muscles of heart wall.
  6. Snuffling and snorting is the most common way of consuming cocaine.
  7. Cocaine can cause three times more deaths than any other drug.
  8. Combination of alcohol and cocaine can cause death.
  9. Cocaine consumers are mostly found with antisocial disorder, depression, abuse and anxiety.
  10. Men feels the pleasure of cocaine faster than a women.

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