10 Facts You Did Not Know!

Here are 10 Facts you probably did not know. We have chosen 10 slides with a fact just to give your general knowledge some boost. Slide through and see if your knowledge matches the research. Good Luck! and have fun

when sleepingYou cannot smell when you are sleeping because your olfactory sense shuts down.
uses of coke

          The hole in the ring of a can is not just meant to give you a way to open a can, it is also meant to be spun around and hold your straw.

 shark facts           The only fish that can blink with both eyes is a shark.

 dogs nose           A dog’s nose print is like the fingerprint of a person: Unique, no two are alike.

 dolphin names           Studies on dolphin’s behaviour show that they have names for one another.

 what do you call baby rabbitsBaby rabbits are known as kittens.

playing cards in pakistanWhen you shuffle a deck of cards, chances are that the new order may have never existed before. For a deck of 52 cards, there are 8 x 10^67 different ways to re-order by shuffling. 

  bacteria in bodyAn adult human body carries two 0.9 – 4 kg of bacteria in it.

 pakistani olympianFrom 1912 – 1948, art competitions were part of the Olympics. The sport was removed because artists were generally considered to be professionals, whereas the Olympics then required were supposed ti amateurs.

 mosquito teethA mosquito has 47 teeth on their proboscis (sucking organ) which help them to penetrate our skin.

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