10 Facts Imran Abbas’s Fans Should Know

Imran Abbas is a superstar who’s loved by everyone from the core of their heart. He is a part of the industry for years now and has given innumerable hits. Imran came on Samina Peerzada’s show Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada and in fact spoke out his heart. He revealed so many facts about himself which were not known to us before. And here’s what we should know now about the star:

His sister’s death transformed him:

Imran Abbas had five siblings where he is the youngest. Imran was very close to his elder sister. Two years back, she passed away due to cancer and this made Imran emotional while talking. He felt a drastic change in his life after losing his sister. He realized how fast people come and go. He has stopped planning life because he believes that life is too short to waste on planning for future.

Imran has no regrets about Bollywood films:

Imran believes that actual success of life is to be happy. A few years back he rejected Aashiqui 2 and Ram Leela whereas he did Creature 3D. He used to be unhappy on his choices because the previous films went on to become huge hits. He even fell into hopelessness about it. Imran has now learned the true meaning of life and accepted that everything happens for a reason.

He doesn’t like attending award shows and events:

Imran does not attend many award shows and events. He believes that life is too short. We should not waste it in things which lack spiritual and emotional happiness. He cannot attach himself with the on-going race and feels it is pointless to waste time on things which do not have a deeper meaning.

Imran doesn’t run after fame:

Imran is exceptionally creative. He started working to earn and wasn’t really a big fan of becoming prominent. He used to sell sketches when he was a teenager. He is thankful for all the love he gets from his fans but the increasing fame doesn’t make him happy particularly.

Imran wants to leave acting:

Imran has decided to leave acting soon. He will be getting into production, singing and architecture (which he has also studied). He wants to work behind the camera.

Imran only has a few friends:

Living life and moving forward while accepting things makes a person more mature. He has traveled the world and is well-known with how people are dual faced. He lost many people and now has just a few friends.

He Fell In Love During College Days:

Imran believes strongly in love. He fell in love with a girl when he was very young. They did not end up together but Imran believe that it’s not necessary to end up together. Love is absolute in itself and does not need any end result. He still loves her and will always do.

Imran Is Getting Married Soon:

Imran told that he is dying to be a dad. Samina Peerzada then went on to ask if he is getting married to which Imran replied that he will be getting married very shortly.

Imran Loves Poetry:

Imran is a huge fan of poetry. He loves Parveen Shakir’s poetry. Imran used to attend Mushairas with his father at a very young age. He is a passionate reader of prose as well as poetry and even used to write when he was young.

Imran wants to build an old age home:

Imran loves spending time with his parents. He feels people have stopped paying attention to their parents and feels a lot of pain when he sees people leaving their parents in old homes. He wants to build an old home for those people where they can get not only basic necessities but where quality time can be spent with them. Imran went on to share that he often visits and meet his parents’ friends because it makes him joyful and calm.

I bet that these facts were unknown for you all. Share your thoughts about him in the comments below!


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