10 Beauty Hacks You Didn’t Know

Here are 10 of the beauty hacks that you might not know before.
It will for sure make your day.

1. Apply Foundation at the *Center* of Your Face and Blend Out

If you apply a lot of foundation around your jaw line or hairline, you’ll look like you’re wearing a mask. If you start at the center, the product will fade out around the edges for a more natural look.

2. Test Foundation on Your Neck, Not Your Face

The skin on your face, due to increased sun exposure or breakouts, isn’t the same color as the rest of your body. So, if you match your foundation to your cheek, you might end up with a shade that doesn’t match your neck and chest and doesn’t look natural. Instead, swipe three shades of foundation right below your jawline, blend them in, and whichever shade disappears is the one you should choose.

3. Don’t Only Use Black Liner

Don’t apply black eyeliner all around your eye. This will make your eyes appear much smaller than they are. Line the top with black liner, the bottom with brown liner, and the waterline with nude liner to really open your eyes.

4. Use Dots to Get Symmetrical Winged Eyeliner

Once you’ve figured out where you want the dots, draw a small line from the dot inward to connect them to the liner at your lash line. No more having to guess what the angle should be or where the line should end.

5. Diffuse Your Eye Makeup with Salve

After applying your eye-shadow of choice all over your eyelid, grab a cotton swab and a salve, to blend the shadow at the crease, eliminating harsh lines.

6. Where to Apply Perfume

When it comes to perfume, it’s all about location—and we’re not just talking about a spritz around the neck and on our clothes. But wait, your hair and behind your knees? yes to last longer.

7. Master the Perfect Pimple Coverage

Layer foundation, concealer, and setting powder to ensure the blemish is completely covered and the product won’t budge.

8. Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

Coconut Oil is great for so many things. It’s hydrating for your skin and hair but if you use it as a makeup remover it will dissolve your makeup gently.

9. Fill Your Brows the Right Way

The key to making your brows look darker but natural is not getting the formula you’re using on your skin. If you have a bald spot you’re trying to fill in, that’s one thing, but if you’re just trying to deepen your brow hair color, your best bet is a brow mascara that you can lightly swipe on for a more dramatic yet believable effect.

10. Use Clear Mattifier for an Oily Complexion

Don’t use loose powder to fight an oily complexion. Too much powder can make your makeup look cakey. Instead, use a clear mattifier. Apply it before or after your makeup, and watch the shine disappear.

So which of the hack you are trying first?


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