The Most Unique Cultural Group Of Pakistan, Kalash (Part I)

The Land Of Kafirs

Kalash is a place whose inhabitants are the rarest race of Pakistan. Their language, religion, rituals, appearance, customs are different from the rest of the country. It attracts many tourists from all around the world annually. If you are still unaware of the most incredible place and cultural group of Pakistan, here is everything you need to know about them.

In the Persian dialect, Kafiristan implies place that is known for unbelievers and the name Kafir is gotten from Arabic which implies heathens or worshipers of another god. Till, 1896 the Kafiristan valley was considered a part of Afghanistan and was known as Nuristan, there two sort of inhabitants, ‘Red Kafirs’ and ‘Black Kafirs’. The number of inhabitants in this little clan is more than 4000 and its spread more than 15000 square kilometers at the pinnacle of 8000 square feet from land, it is normally snow – secured.

The entryway to Kafiristan valley is Chitral, while going to Chitral the most pulling in and touring place is Kafiristan valley which is otherwise called the home of Kafir-Kalash, The crude agnostic clan or the wearer of dark robes. The Kafir-Kalash valley is 40 KM far from Chitral and the separation is generally secured by Jeeps.

The social and conventional wear of individuals of Kafiristan or Kafir-kalash is dark outfits; they likewise wear woolen hand-spun in winters. The all-around enlivened crown on their heads is comprised of shells, catches dark woolen material and a shaded quill.

The general population of Kalash however is in minority and living in hilly areas far away, yet they are straightforward and friendly. They are benevolent and are fond of singing and moving. At the point when there are conventional events or religious celebrations of Kafiristan, they commend it with music. There religious celebrations are Joshi Chilinjusht which is commended on fourteenth and fifteenth May amid the spring season, Phool which is praised 20-25 September and Chomas which is commended on 18-21 December consistently with energy and get-up-and-go.


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  1. variety is the best composition of a society and culture, we must all protect and defend all minorities and vaieties to maintain the best of mankind

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