Visiting Saidu Sharif? Here Are Best Tourist Attractions In The City


Saidu Sharif is the administrative center of Swat district in KPK. Saidu Sharif is named after Saidu Baba a prominent leader of the former Yusufzai State of Swat. It is second largest city in Swat district. It is also a major tourist attraction due to its archaeological sites. Some of the sightseeing places in Saidu sharif are listed below.

Swat Museum

The swat museum in Saidu Sharif attracts tourist from all around the world as it has a good and wide range of collection of Buddhist sites in Swat. The museum has Utensils, Beads, Figurines, Stones, Coins and so many other things related to Gandhara and Buddhists era and their life style. In other rooms are pre-Buddhist artefacts and an ethnographic gallery with traditional carved Swati furniture, jewellery and some wonderful embroideries.

Butkara Stupa

This site has yielded one of Swat’s richest harvests of artefacts, all now in museums. The enormous central stupa was probably begun by Ashoka in the 3rd century BC; by the 10th century it had been rebuilt five times, each new version enclosing the last.It is one of the finest archaeological site in town.Surrounding it were over 200 little stupas built by wealthy pilgrims

Saidu Stupa

The remains of the impressive Saidu Stupa and monastery just serves another tourist spot enrich with archaeological site.People interested in history loves to visit this area.

Butkara No.3

Butkara No 3 is a partly reconstructed courtyard of enclosed stupas.It yields the magnificent pieces of Buddhist sculptures.One of the best place for history admirers.

Tomb of Saidu Baba

Saidu Sharif is famous for its “Sufed Mahal” the white marble palace of the former Wali of Swat.Akhund Abdul Ghaffur commonly known as Saidu Baba  or the Akhund of Swat, was a prominent religious Mullah.His residence in Swat was the destination for numerous pilgrimages by his disciples to consult him and the city was named after him.

Saidu sharif has a lot of archaeological sites which are frequently visited by archaeologists and history lovers.So visit the shrine of Saidu Baba and historic sited to drench yourself in history.


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