List of Banks in Swat (KPK)

Swat is a valley and administrative district in the northern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. The region is known for its beautiful surrounding mountains and river. Queen Elizabeth herself has been known to compliment the region. In its early years, Swat used to be a centre for Buddhists- it was believed to be part of the Gandhara kingdom. Today, there are still a few remnants of the ancient ruins which also serve as a tourist attraction. Swat’s largest city Mingora and is much larger than Swat’s capital Saidu Sharif. Overall, Swat is the third largest district in KPK with around 2,309,570 people according to the 2017 census.

The region currently stands at a height of 980m, this causes quite low temperatures and a wet climate, thereby contrasting itself from most of Pakistan. Swat has a plethora of forests and beautiful set of snow-capped mountains. This makes it an ideal travelling spot in the summertime when people from central Punjab and Sindh fin the climate too hot. There are a couple of historical locations in Swat that make intrigue travellers. Marghazar is sixteen kilometers away from Swat’s capital. It is home to the Sufed Mahal- a white marble palace made for the first ruler of Swat. Fizagat Park is also a large tourist attraction for people. Finally, Malam Jabba is a popular ski resort where people from all over can enjoy some wintertime fun.

For a list of banks on a visit to Swat consider the following:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
NBP 1970 Barikot 0946-752943 Yes
NBP 1363  

Udigram Branch, Saidu Sharif


0946-770560 Yes
Meezan Bank 1802  Abasin Tower Madyan Road Green Chowk Mingora +92 (946) 711581-3 Yes
Askari Bank 61 Saidu Shareef Road Makan Bagh 0946-713359-60 Yes

Swat being a remote location does not have many banks and less variety in choices of banks. HBL for instance has a few branches, but their contact information remains only to a phone number. NBP on the other hand, is the most predominant bank in Swat at this time. ATMs are typically found within branch locations and a few shopping areas.


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