List Of Banks In Puran (KPK)

Puran is a part and Tehsil of the district of Shangla in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. There are three sub division of Shangla which include Martung, Makhuzai and Puran. The total population of the city is 145,202. The city may not be as big but does offer several facilities for its residents. The native language spoken by the majority of population is Pashto.

The city celebrates cultural and religious events publically. There are festivals held in public parks for the residents to enjoy. The architecture of the city has a lot of character because of old buildings which show the history and story of the city. There are bazaars which are almost always crowded because of the narrow roads and pathways. The city not only has mosques but also churches for the residents of different faith. There are public and private schools for girls and boys, governmental offices and banks. The information of the Banks in the city is given below.

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
MCB Puran 1586 Village Puran, Tehsil Sarai Alamgir, District Gujrat 0544-644722 Yes
National Bank of Pakistan Puran 1392 Sarailamgir Puran 0544-644051 Yes

Above is the list of Banks in Puran for ATM services. If you are from Puran and can give any extra information such as the information of any other banks, their addresses, telephone numbers or anything, kindly utilize the comments section below so that others can take advantage from it as well.


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