We’re In Love With Peshawar Heritage And Food Street

Peshawar has such nostalgic history of Emperors, Tribes, War Heroes, of all the story tellers of Qissa Khawani bazar, where with every sip and cheer of local tea a new tail was woven and told. The city was all about peace, culture and heritage. From the very start Peshawar was made a target to terminate its colorfulness and no stone was left unturned to sabotage its originality to kill its legacy. From the times of British Colonial Rule when in 1930 400 unarmed people were assassinated to now when Terrorism and war against terrorism has gone for broke.

We're In Love With Peshawar Heritage And Food Street

All the historic places like the famous fort of Jamrud, the food street, Mosques were closed for public or given under control of army. Now praise be to God, this mass destruction is under control and almost over and all the closed places are again opened for public. One of the recent festive opening was the inauguration of the Heritage and Food Street at Peshawar, starting from Ghanta Ghar to Gor Gathri, a total length of 500 meters. It is a real captivating street completed by PTI’s Government.

We're In Love With Peshawar Food Street

It gives this look of the streets of Spain. Will take you completely in the scene of Zindagi Na Mile gi Dobara or some Middle Eastren streets shown in cola ads. Beautiful lamps are erected across the red carpeted street, surrounded by the soul striking, romantic wooden carved homes and other buildings which give the essence of unforgettable times.

We're In Love With Peshawar Heritage Food Street

It is a great attraction for the tourists to eat the meaty meals while observing the culture of Peshawar. It will help eliminate the rumors of people of Peshawar being conservative and thin minded and people will actually realize how hospital they are.


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