Travelling to Peshawar? Here Are The Top Places To Visit in The City

Peshawar is the capital of Khyber Punkhtunkhwa. It is one of the oldest city of Pakistan aswell as South Asia.The city is a visual treat for history lovers.The historical buildings,streets and bazaars adds to its beauty. Due to its unique culture and trends it’s among the magnificent place to visit in Pakistan.The history of the city dates back to Mughal era and even older.
So if you are in Peshawar then here is the list of top places you must pay a visit.

Kyber Pass

Khyber pass is one of the historical and recognizable place in Pakistan.It is a visual identity of KPK.This is a mountain pass connecting Pakistan and Afghanistan.One of the oldest pass in the world and gateway to traders and invaders from Afghanistan.

Peshawar Museum

The museum is famous in South-east Asia especially for buddhist sculptures from Gandhara period.It hosts a fine collection of Buddhist sculptures and artifacts.The fasting buddha statue is the highlight of museum.It also has a core collection of coins,documents and artifacts from Mughal era and even before that.This was build in memory of Queen Victoria.

Fort Bala Hisar

The name stands “raised or great fort” .The fort is a beautiful art of construction. It is located in the heart of Peshawar on a high mound which gives a commanding and scenic view of city and surroundings. It has a museum inside presenting majestic scenes of the city by its wall but now it is used as headquarters of frontier force. You can look at this fort from far apart to admire its beauty.

Mahabat Khan Mosque

It was constructed by Mahabat khan, the governor of Peshawar and dates back to Mughal era.It signifies the glory of Mughals,their love for art and aesthetic sense.It is one of the fine masterpiece of architecture.It is open to tourists.

Jamrud Fort

This fort is located at the entrance to Khyber pass and was constructed by sikh commanding officer of Ranjit singh’s Army.The construction of this fort was completed in 54 days.It is one of the beautiful fort carrying a history and culture both.

Kisa Khwani Bazar

It means the “BAZAR OF STORY TELLERS”. In ancient times there were professional storytellers who would entertain the caravans, soldiers and travelers with the stories of love and war.It is oldest and famous bazar of Peshawar.You can enjoy a kahwa here while shopping.

Sethi Houses

Sethi houses are located in sethi mohallah.These houses belong to sethi families who were established businessman of Central Asia.These house are masterpiece of special art of South Asian and Gandhara civilization.These houses became the soul of Peshawar residential architecture.

The Cunningham Clock Tower


This tower was built-in British era in commemoration of diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria but was named after George Cunningham the British governor of the province.It represents the culture of civilization of that era.the tower is in the middle of old city which is a very busy place.

Chowl Yadgar


This memorial square is in the centre and business hub of city. It was formerly called the Hastings memorial.This place leads to different bazaars and roads and later the second half was built in memoir of 1960 heroes.

So get a visit to one of the finest pieces of historical beauty and heritage that Peshawar offers to revive your love for good old days.


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