Sikhs Offering Iftar in Peshawar is Extremely Adorable

Ramadan is a month of sharing and caring. It is a blissful time in which the whole environment and even the weather gets purified. These is this appearance of modesty, humbleness, sacrifice and virtue-ness. The tunes of helping others and melody of barkah prevails everywhere. This beautiful scene is not only observed in the Muslim community but also in our minority brethren. Especially in Indo-Pak subcontinent where inter religious communities are living together for so long, despite all the differences, this month brings mutual harmony and peace among them.

Sikh Offering Iftar at Peshawar is Extremely Adorabl

We all have a special attachment to the Sikh community and so do they. Not only because their sacred place is in Pakistan but also the selfless love and support for each other is noteworthy. The Sikh community is famous for their generous nature and loving pure heats. They never fail at winning the souls of the people around them with their adorable gestures.

Sikh Offering Iftar at Peshawar is Extremely Adorable

A spectacular exhibition of this generosity was spotted in Peshawar during this Ramadan. Some Sikh people (Men and Women) volunteered for an Iftar at different locations in the city. Some were mixing Rooh Afza some were pouring them in glasses and assembling all the things for the needy Muslim people. When asked they said that they love to serve their Muslim brothers because they were fasting all day long and it feels good to provide them with comfort. (How precious!)

Another beautiful example in the same city is being laid by the Sahib Singh an owner of a pharmacy hangs the bucket full of lassi and juice on his arm and entertains the thirsty fasters. He also arranges Iftar for people in front of Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar. He arranges all this with his own pocket which costs him an average of 30000 PKR per week. He said:

“By the grace of God, my medicine store is capable of bearing the expenses of helping the deserving people in the scorching summer heat when everyone observing fast needs lassi and sherbet. The money is not a big issue when it comes to pleasing God and His creatures in the holy month of Ramadan.”

This solidarity and brotherhood is really appreciable and is one of the magnificent bounties of ALLAH Almighty, who puts love and sympathy in our hearts for each other and besides Him no one could do this.


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