List of Banks in Nowshera (KPK)

The city of Nowshera is the chief city of the Nowshera District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Nowshera is based on the Kabul River and is around 43 kilometres from Peshawar. It also lies on along the Grand Trunk Road. Nowshera is notable for its cantonment established during the British Colonial era, this is also holds Pakistan’s Army School of Artillery.

During the British colonial era, Nowshera was both a cantonment and tehsil of Peshawar. The city connected the route of the North-Western Railway and Grand Trunk road. At the time the population was only 9581, now the district stands at 1.519 million people. The cantonment spreads along the right side of the Kabul River. It is around 3 miles in diameter and surrounded by low hills except on the northern side. There is a village called Naushara Khurd that is west of the cantonment, and a village called Naushara Kalan. Nowshera is also home to a variety of festivals. The Charaghan is an event that is based upon the existence of Kastir Guo. People gather in large groups to pay their homage to the departed saint. People have been known to even create small fire torches at different points to makes the passage for the people easier. The people of Nowshera are also very diverse. There are 4 main tribes; the Khattak tribe, the Sagri Khattaks, the Bangli Khels and the Akora Khattaks. Each tribe has their own unique culture and customs.

When travelling to Nowshera one might want to consider using the following list of banks:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
Al Falah 0274  Taj building, GT road. 03005978066 Yes



Kawaliri Road Saddar Bazar  




Meezan Bank 9807 Main G.T Road, Pabbi  +92 (923) 528401-3 Yes
Faysal bank 3028 Amin Tower, GT Road. Yes

The majority of banks in Nowshera seem to be on GT road, and the area next to the Amin Tower. It would be best to use the branches directly in this area as they are not many banks outside this area.


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