List Of Banks In Mingora (KPK)

Mingora is a large tehsil town of the Swat district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Mingora is the third largest city in the KPK province after Peshawar and Mardan and the largest city of the Swat District itself. The city has a population of nearly 330,000 inhabitants. Saidu Sharif is the administrative capital of the Swat district however the largest city and the main commercial city of the district is Mingora.

Mingora city is a famous tourist attraction which has resulted in a lot of hotels opening up the in area in the recent years. The city experiences a lot of rainfall throughout the year and has an ideal living climate with an average temperature of nearly 29 °C. From a historical point of view many remains of the Aryans and Buddhist dynasties have been found at the Jambil River Valley which is located within a few miles of Mingora.

As the city serves as the main commercial hub of the Swat district and is also a major tourist attraction with a lot of hotels, financial activity remains on a high due to which a lot of banks have spurred up in the area, here is a list of them:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
Askari Bank 61 Saidu Shareef Road, Makan Bagh, Opposite Park Hotel Mingora. 0946-713357 Yes
Bank Alfalah 5628 Saidu Shareef Road, Zahoor Plaza, Makan Bagh Chowk, Mingora. 0946-714192 Yes
JS Bank Abaseen China Plaza, New Mendyan Road, Green Chowk, Mingora. 0946-711740- 3 Yes
Habib Metropolitan Bank (Islamic Banking Branch) Ground & First Floor, Swat Mountain Plaza, Green Chowk Area AirPort Road, Mingora. 0946-811951- 3 No
Habib Metropolitan Bank 264 Ground Floor, Haji Fazal Khuda Plaza, G.T. Road, Gulshan Chowk, Mingora. 0946-712491- 4 Yes
Meezan Bank (Mingora Branch) 1801 Makanbagh Chowk, Mingora. 0946- 714319 Yes
Meezan Bank (Green Chowk Branch) 1802 Abasin Tower, Madyan Road, Green Chowk, Mingora. 0946-711584 No
Habib Bank Ltd. 0221 Bank Square, Mian Bazar, Mingora. 0946-711178 Yes
United Bank Ltd. 105 Ground Floor, Prince Hotel, New Road, Mingora. 0946-700203 Yes
Allied Bank Ltd. 5131 Khas ra No.49 – 50, Main Bazar, Rahimabad, Mingora. 0946-711149
National Bank of Pakistan 438 Bank Square, Mingora. 0946-7111175
Faysal Bank (Islamic Banking) 3058 Saidu sharif Road, Makan Bagh, Mingora. 0946-700801- 2 Yes
Faysal Bank 3009 First and Second Floor, Abasindh Tower, Green Chowk Maydan Road, Mingora. 0946- 722011- 3 Yes
Bank Islami 0082 Madain Road, Mingora Swat, 0946-710386 -8 Yes

This is the list of the large number of banks present in the Mingora city. Moreover, western union services are also available to send and receive money.

If you’re from Mingora & can share more information like of any other banks, their locations (addresses), phone numbers or anything, please leave a comment so others can also benefit from it.


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