Travelling To Mardan? Here Are Top Places to Visit In The City


The city of Mardan is located in Mardan District, a part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is the 19th largest city of Pakistan. Mardan is considered as a cultural spot, governed with traditions and rich history. Along with a great cultural legacy, Mardan is renowned for its splendor and breathtaking beauty as well. So if you are visiting Mardan here are top places to visit in the city.

Mardan Museum

The museum was established in 1991 and was extended further in 2006.The museum is furnished with  Archeological Artifacts of this Region which was center of Buddhism and Kushan Empire . It has islamic and ethnological  collection too.The place is worth visiting.


This is one of the most well-known, preserved and monastic complex.Takht-e-Bahi is considered one of the most well-structured Buddhist monasteries in Gandhara district.Many historians believed Takht-i-Bahi as the worlds oldest Buddhist monastic university It is really a wonderful place to visit for those who love history, antiquity and archaeology. The architecture and its engineering is of high excellence.

Guides Memorial

It is a three storey picturesque structure with a central opening arch, staircases and cupolas. It was built-in 1892 in the memory of British soldiers, who sacrificed their lives in 1879 during the defense of the Queen’s residency in Kabul.

Seri Bahlol

It is located near Takht-i-bahi. It contains the remains of Buddha which have not been properly excavated. Antiques such as statues, coins, utensils and jewellery are commonly found.The ruins of Seri Bahlol are the remnants of a small ancient fortified town built during the kushan period.

Jamal Garhi

Jamal garhi is a small town located 13 kilometers from Mardan. Jamal Garhi was a Buddhist monastery from the first until the fifth century AD at a time  when Buddhism flourished in this part of the Indian subcontinent.This is a beautiful monastery and main stupa surrounded by chapels closely packed together.The site is called ‘The Jamal Garhi Kundarat or Kafiro Kote by the locals.This site attracts many researchers from national universities and also tourists from all around the globe.

So place a visit to Mardan which has famous archaeological sites that takes you back to the history and appreciate the beautiful ruins there.


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