List of Banks in Mardan (KPK)

Mardan is the second largest city in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The city is well known for its variance in archaeological sites. Mardan’s population currently stands at 300,424 making much smaller compared to Peshawar. In 1962 the Sanghao Caves were discovered which showed artifacts from over 30000 ago dating around the Middle Paleolithic period. Other expeditions in the area yielded various items from the Upper Paleolithic and Middle Palaeolithic periods.

Mardan is a district headquater of Mardan district in KPK. Location wise, Risalpur is at the south, Charsadda to the west and Yar Hussain to the east. It is the 19th largest city of Pakistan. The city has a hot and semi-arid climate. The average temperature is 22 degrees centigrade and precipitation of 559mm per year. In terms of site seeing, Mardan has the Sanghao Caves, Edicts of Ashoka and the Takht-i-Bahi complex.

The city of Mardan is quite small in comparison to other place, therefore the list of banks is limited:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
Meezan Bank 9804  Awais Market Mardan Road Sawari Bazar Sawari Buner. +92 (939) 555204-5 Yes
NBP 0365 Bank Rd Mardan 0937-9230058 Yes
HBL 201 Swabi Main Branch, Jehangira Road 0938- 222071 221228 0938-222739 Yes
HBL 1225 Tehsil Dargai, Malakand Agency 0932-310301 No

HBL and NBP are the banks with the most branches in Mardan. Being a small city surrounded by rural land, much of the banks reside in the city center or nearby small towns. ATM facilities vary bank to bank, with HBL providing the most opportunity for use.


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