List Of Banks In Mansehra (KPK)

Mansehra is a city located in the eastern part of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is among one of the largest cities in KPK at the moment. The name of the city itself is derived from its founder- Sardar Maha Singh Mirpuri who used to be a Sikh administrator and general of the region. Mansehra’s population stands at about 1.56 million people making it quite a large city compared to other smaller ones in KPK.

In 1849, the British had total control of Mansehra. To keep the peace the British opted for local chiefs to take power in the city. The Hazara region was divided into 3 tehsils as a result. (Mansehra, Abottabad and Haripur). During the time of British rule Mansehra was a small town- its population at the time was a mere 5087 people. By the time Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto came into power, Manshera became a district and was divided into 2 subdivisions- Mansehra and Battagram. Later the subdivisions of Balakot and Oghj were also added. Besides its history, Mansehra is known for its festival of Durgashtami. In the first month of the Hindu calendar, multiple Hundu devotees gather on Bareri Hill to worship their deity Devi. The site itself is quite old and has the Eddicts of Ashoka inscribed on it.

For a list of Banks in Manshera consider the following:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
Askari Bank 198 Shop No. 1-2 Ground Floor & 3-4 Ist Floor Sharja Mall Butt Pul 0997-307971-3 Yes
Al Falah 5601  

King Abdullah Teaching Hospital


03328997805 Yes
Meezan Bank 9807  Pabbi Branch,Khasara # 2080, Main G.T Road +92 (923) 528401-3 Yes
Faysal Bank 3126 Opposite sethi Masjid
Mansehra Road

Mansehra is quite a large city in KPK. There is a large variety in banks with ample access to ATM’s. Although, HBL users may find it difficult to contact their branches digitally, for them it would be best to go to their branch in person. Users of NBP may rejoice as there are more than several branches located throughout the city.


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