List of Banks in Mohri Gali (KPK)

Mohri Gali is a small hilly town situated in KPK province in Pakistan. It is at a distance of about 74 km from the capital Islamabad. Mohri Gali is conveniently situated right in the middle of the most visited spots in Pakistan for tourism especially in the summers when several hundred thousand people visit the area surrounding Mohri Gali such as Naran, Kaghan and Abottabad. Some of these tourists also visit Mohri Gali. As a result, the majority of the population has developed tourism as their main source of income and many inhabitants of Mohri Gali can be found in the nearby tourist hotspots doing small businesses such as small street shops and vendors. However in the winters, the area around Mohri Gali gets deserted because of the extremely cold weather and heavy snowfalls. Mohri Gali is also near the partition of Azad Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Below is a list of the available banking services in Mohri Gali for any sort of financial transactions like sending or receiving money:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
Habib Bank Limited (HBL) 2365 Zaman Plaza, Near Ayub Medical College, Mansehra Road 0992-382550 Yes

At the moment there are very few banks in Mohri Gali and the area surrounding it. But it is hoped that in future as development takes place, more banks and ATMs will be opened up in Mohri Gali.

If you are from Mohri Gali, it is requested to share any missing information in the comments section below so that others may also benefit from it.


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