Visiting Haripur? Here Are Top Places You Need To Pay A Visit

Haripur is the main city of the Haripur District in Hazara in KPK. It is in a hilly plain area at an altitude of 520 m.The city lies on the Karakoram Highway.The city is named after Sardaar Hari Singh Nalwa, reminiscent of the area’s Sikh history, having been founded by particular Sikh general.Haripur is a green valley, rich in fruits and vegetables which is also famous for its guavas and red blood oranges.So if you are travelling to Haripur here are best places in the town to visit.

Khanpur Lake

The lake is sighted near the town Khanpur, on the road between Taxila and Haripur. The lake was constructed along with the construction of Khanpur Dam  in 1983.It is a famous tourist place to enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, adventure and water sports.Every year a spring carnival is arranged at the Khanpur dam having colorful and attractive events.

Shiva Temple

Shiva Temple is also a tourist place with extraordinary architecture, innovative layouts, and well-thought execution make place a highly coveted point of tourist interest.It is not just the place for sightseeing, but  also enables you to steal a self-indulgent moment for yourself as well.

Bhamala Stupa

Bhamala Stupa  is a ruined Buddhist stupa and National Heritage Site near Haripur,Pakistan.It dates to the 4th century CE. Bhamala stupa is part of the larger Bhamala Buddhist Complex. The site is known for its 1,700 statue of the Buddha considered the oldest such statue in the world.

Tarbela Dam and Lake

One of the biggest dams in Asia and largest dam of Pakistan is Tarbela situated in Haripur district. Tarbela lake is connected with different areas of the district Haripur.This Lake is one of the biggest lakes of Pakistan and a reservoir.One of the peaceful and attractive place to visit.


Jabri is a beautiful village in central region of Havelian. The region is most hilly and mountainous and presents a landscape rich in water resources, woods and natural beauty.You can enjoy the serene environment and relax here.

Sirin River (Rangeela)

The emerging picnic spot in Haripur is Rangeela (Dor) on Sirin river. It’s very close to main city so local people mostly visit this place to spend their evenings in summer and enjoy the bath in cold water of Sirin river.

So now place this tourist spot on the top of your list and enjoy the mesmerizing and beautiful location with your family and friends.


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