Top Restaurants You Don’t Need to Miss Out in Haripur

Haripur  is the main city of the Haripur district in Hazara in KPK.Haripur is a green valley, rich in fruits and vegetables. Haripur is famous for its guavas and red blood oranges that are very famous all over Pakistan; they are also exported to other countries. Other than these tasty fruits there are best food places in the town where you can enjoy your meal.Below is the list of restaurants in Haripur.

Red Chillies Restaurant

Red chillies restaurant is one of the popular choice among foodies. The restaurant offers varieties of tasty pizzas and burgers. You can savour yourself with the amazing food here.

Food Palace

It is also a fast food restaurant.You can develop your taste buds to the finest meals offered here.From burgers to pizzas, sandwiches to cocktails you will be provided with everything.

Olive Green Restaurant

Olive green restaurant is one of the most famous restaurant in Haripur. It deals with all kind of Pakistani,Chinese and Russian cuisines. Ambiance is great and staff is cooperative.

Kyber Shinwari Restaurant

This is the place where you can have your desi traditional food. BBQs here are really famous.Good quality food and spacious parking is also available.

Pizza King

Pizza king is a fast food chain restaurant where you can enjoy fresh and delicious pizzas.Ambience is well.Other than pizzas you can also order burgers,sandwiches and fries. The staff is hospitable.

Roti Hut

Roti hut is one of the finest restaurant in Haripur. You can tantalize your taste buds with appetizers and snacks along with delicious dishes. You will just love to visit again.

Visiting Haripur just visit these restaurants to develop a different taste. Enjoy the real juicy fruits from the gardens and bring as souvenir for your dear ones.


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