List Of Banks In Lower Dir (KPK)

Lower Dir is one of the 26 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with a population of nearly 1.4 million inhabitants. The majority of the population consists of Pashtuns and Pashto being the main language spoken by majority of the people. The largest city of the Lower Dir district is Timergara which is also the district headquarter followed by Chakdara as the second largest city. The district is further subdivided into 7 Tehsils which have a total of 41 Union Councils.

Historically the region was not a part of Pakistan but was a princely state ruled by Nawab Shah Jehan Khan. It merged with Pakistan in 1969 and was declared a district in 1970. In 1996 Dir district was divided into Upper Dir and Lower Dir. The climate of the area can be described as moderate with the highest average temperatures going up to 38 degrees and the lowest at 0 degree Celsius. The education and literacy rate of the region remains at a low with agriculture being the main source of income. Most of the region depicts a rural community but slowly there is progress towards an urban lifestyle especially in the main commercial city of Timergara.

This trend of urbanization has led to opening up of a few banks in the city, which include:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
Habib Bank Limited 1105 Timergara Branch, Dir Lower, Un-Settled Area 0945-823750 Yes
Allied Bank Limited 0395 Main Bazar, Timergara 0945-8218089 Yes



National Bank of Pakistan 0841 Main branch, Timergara 0945-821636 Yes
The Bank of Khyber NA Kumbar Maidan, Lower Dir 0945-885322 No
United Bank Limited 388 Kumbar Maidan, Lower Dir 0945-888234 Yes

This is the list of the large number of banks present in the Lower Dir. Moreover, western union services are also available to send and receive money.

If you’re from Lower Dir & can share more information like of any other banks, their locations (addresses), phone numbers or anything, please leave a comment so others can also benefit from it.


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