List of Banks in Chakdara (KPK)

Chakdara is a town in the district of Lower Dir. Chakdara is located at the north of Malakand Division and serves as a gateway to the Lower Dir district. The town has highly strategic geographic location as it lies at the junction of River Panjkora and River Swat. Due to the flow of these two rivers, the town has remained an important centre for more 3500 years.

Many historical sites and remains have been discovered in the area which include the famous Hindu Shahi forts, the Gandhara grave culture and also a couple of Mughal Forts. The place also serves as tourist attraction and its most famous place is the “Damkot Hill” where houses containing ancient jewellery and poetry have been discovered. Other famous tourist sites includes the Andannd Dherai, a famous Buddhist site, and the Hindu Shahi fort of Kamal Khan Chena.

Chakdara serves as the education capital of the Lower Dir district as many educational institutes are located here. These includes the very famous University of Malakand, Cadet Collage Chakdara, FC public school and also the board for secondary and higher education of Malakand is also located in Chakdara.

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
Habib Bank Limited 0278 Chakdara Branch, Tehsil Adinzai. Un-Settled Area 0945-761075 Yes
National Bank of Pakistan 1331 Chakdara Branch, Lower Dir 0954-761076 Yes
The Bank of Khyber NA Shop No.l to 10, Zaman Market, Main Bazaar, Chakdara 0945-762532- 3 Yes
United Bank Limited 729 Chakdara Bazar 0945-762380- 1 Yes

This is the list of the large number of banks present in the Chakdara. If you’re from Chakdara & can share more information like of any other banks, their locations (addresses), phone numbers or anything, please leave a comment so others can also benefit from it.


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