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Visiting Dera Ismail (D.I) Khan? Here Are Top Tourist Attractions in the City

Dera Ismail Khan is ideally located on the west bank of the great Indus River, on south-east of Peshawar.Dera Ismail Khan is home to a rich and diverse culture.It is an old city, but its classical architecture and old markets are still intact today.The city is also famous for its unique and delicious cuisines.Below are top tourist attractions in city.

Rehman Deri

Rehman Dheri is the pre Harappan site, located near the city, is one of the oldest sites believed to be built-in 4000 BC.The ancient town existed before the Harappan Civilization. It is located 22 km north of DI Khan. The city is laid in a rectangular shape and streets in a grid like manner. A huge wall made of mud bricks used to once surround it. Today, only a mound remains of this bustling city.It is one of fine heritage site.

Bilot Fort

One of the popular tourist destination is a pre-Islamic fort called Bilot, which is situated on a hill on Dera Ismail Khan.Bilot Fort is the site of a number of pre-historic temples, located  near the town of Bilot Sharif. The ruins are more than a 1000 years old, possibly built by the Hindu Shahi kings who ruled over this area from the 8th to 10thcentury. In that period kings built forts at strategic sites and added temples to satisfy the spiritual needs. Currently, the boundary walls of the fort have mainly disintegrated but the ruins of the temples are still visible.

Sulaiman Peak (Koh-Sulaiman)

In Dera Ismail Khan, the highest peak of the Sulaimans is Takht-e-Sulaiman”or “Throne of Solomon”. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty, boasting spectacular mountains, which offer endless opportunities of trekking and climbing.It is believed that prophet Sulaiman climbed this mountain and some of Jins are confined to this mountain who refused to obey him.

Kulachi Town

The Kulachi town is another popular tourist destination which is bordered by a wall built-in British era and it houses four oldest markets including Kalan Bazar, Muslim Bazaar, Commissioners Bazaar and Bakhri Bazaar, all of which meet at one point called Chogallah.Kulachi is famous for the handicrafts and artifacts and also the presence of shrines of various Sufi saints.


Gurudwara is found in the Chota Bazaar of DI Khan. It is a Sikh holy temple.It is said that Guru Nanek Devji visited DI Khan and his devotees built this gurudwara in the place where he stayed. Today this building is used as a government school in town.

Sheikh Badin Hills

Sheikh Badin is a famous tourist place in KPK.It is located left side to Indus highway. It has a lot of old monuments.There is also the presence of wild olives, acacia and dwarf palm trees.There are also saints buried here.

So don’t forget to have a visit to this beautiful piece of land which is also renowned for its handcrafted goods such as glass and ivory ware, lacquered woodwork.


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