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List of Banks In Dera Ismail Khan (D.I Khan) (KPK)

Dera Ismail Khan is a city in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s province. It is west of the Indus River and around 300 kilometres from Peshawar. The main languages spoken in the city are Pashto and Saraiki. Dera Ismail Khan has a total population of 217,457 according to a 2017 report. Some of the main districts include:  Baloch Naggar, Chah Syed Munawar Shah and Gilani Town.

The people of this city have a rich and vibrant culture. From festivals to historical monument, Dera Ismail Khan is a city worth getting accustomed to. Festivals come in all shapes in sizes in this city. There are cattle shows, traditional Pakhtun weddings and celebrations and large Eid celebrations. The city is also quite famous for farming. When looking upon it from far, large plains and cultivated lands can be seen for farming. Many of the people working here are farmers whose main crops include sugarcane and wheat. Fruit production is also quite high, fruits like Dates, Oranges and various Melons are produced in high export quality volumes.  Dera Ismail Khan is quite an old city, therefore there are many historical sites, old bazaars and ancient settlements. Rehman Dheri is and ancient site said to be as old as the Harrapan civilization founded around 4000 BC. This is an ideal spot for tourists and archaeologists alike. Though an old city, Dera Ismail Khan still has a number of options for modern day banking. The following is a list of banks:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
MCB 1293 Circular Road 0966-716167, 719916, 719913 Yes
NBP 1479 Sarwar Road DIKhan Cannt 0966-9280051 No
NBP 0327 Rahim Bazar 0966-9280045-9280046 No
Meezan Bank 2601 Circular Road 92 (966) 717257-8 Yes
Askari Bank 69 Kaif Gulbahar Building Circular Road D. I. Khan (0966)720180-82 Yes

The amount of ATM’s in Dera Ismail Khan are fewer in number, therefore it is best to access the main branches for quick withdrawals. As for bank choices, the majority of large institutions reside on Circular road, there customers may choose their bank of choice.


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