List of Banks in Chitral (KPK)

Chitral is the capital of the Chitral District and part of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. The small region is located on the Chitral River and with its population at 447,362, it is principally considered a smaller district. The information regarding the first settlers and history of Chitral is quite limited. In the third century, the Buddhist leader Kanishka occupied the city under the Kushan Empire. By the fourth century the Chinese overran the valley. Raees was known to have ruled in 1320 to the end of the fifteenth century and then the region came under the Kator Dynasty until many centuries had passed. Chitral has been a monarchy till the year 1895, after this the region came under British rule. The state became a subsidiary alliance, which allowed the region to maintain some autonomy. Overall, the visit to the region is quite pleasant. The climate of the region is quite cool year round compared to the rest of Pakistan, with summer temperatures only reaching 30 degrees centigrade. Some of the sites to see include: Drosh, Ayun, Madaklasht, Arandu, and Birir.

The list of banks is as follows:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
Al Falah 0142 DC Office Road, Opposite Mountain Inn Hotel, 0943413672 Yes
JS Bank  

Bank Square Ataliq Chowk Tehsil And Districk Chitral,Atalio Chowk


There is limited to no information available for banks in Chitral. The following banks have confirmed branches: Bank Al Falah, JS Bank and Allied Bank. It would be best for new settlers and travellers to withdraw cash or use online transactions if they are unaware with the region.


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