List Of Banks In Buner (KPK)

Buner is a district in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Buner use to be a tehsil in Swat district but in 1991 it became a district. The native language spoken by 96% of the residents is Pashto. In 2009, Buner was seized by Taliban. There was a battle between the residents and Taliban. After capturing Buner, Taliban started to implement their own rules in the district such as banning all video stores, ban on women being in public and ban on trimming of beards. Drastic measure had to be taken by the government in retaliation to Taliban. Government sent army troops to the region and after the army operations Buner was cleared of Taliban.

Even though the district was once under the reign of Taliban and a lot of the properties were destroyed. The district has developed over time there are facilities and utilities for the residents. There are schools, offices and banks. The information of the banks is given below.

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
Bank of Khyber Sowari Buner Branch 0131 Nisar Market, Pir Baba Road, Swari Buner 0939-555279, Yes
National Bank of Pakistan  Buner Branch 1704 Daggar Branch, Bunner 0939-510121 Yes
Allied Bank Pir Baba, Branch Buner 902 Khatooni No.826, Khasra No.352, Khata No.701, Pir Baba, Tehsil Dagar, District Buner 0939 – 520061 Yes

Above is the list of Banks in Buner for ATM services. If you’re from Buner and can give any extra information such as the information of any other banks, their addresses, telephone numbers or anything, kindly utilize the comments section below so that others can take advantage from it as well.


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