List Of Banks In Barikot (KPK)

Barikot is a city situated in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. It is located in the south end of the Swat Valley. It is about 20 km, 12 miles away from Mingora. It is the main entrance town to swat valley. Total population of Barikot is approximately 25,000.

The city is an Archaeological ground. Since 1984 the ruins of the ancient town of Baziraunder Barikot has been excavated by the Italian Archaeological Mission founded by Giuseppe Tucci. Historically, the town cherished under Kushan Empire, into a major town before a series of earthquakes in the 3rd century AD devastated it. Bazira was abandoned by the end of the 3rd century mainly due to the damage from the earthquakes as well as the decline of the Kushan Empire.

The people of Barikot are educated as there are government and private schools for girls and boys. Other then offices the city also has banking facility for the residents.

Below is the list of Banks in Barikot for ATM services.

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
HBL  Barikot 1718 Barikot Branch, Tehsil Barikot, Distt. Swat.


0946-751074 Yes
National Bank of Pakistan Barikot District Mingora 1970 Barikot Branch Swat 0946-752943 Yes
Bank of Khyber

Barikot Swat


0157 Khasra No.1333, Iqbal Khan Plaza, Pir Baba Road, Barikot, Swat. 0946-751781 Yes

If you’re from Barikot & can share any more information for instance the information of any other banks, their locations (addresses), phone numbers or anything, please use the comments section so that others can also benefit from it as well.


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