Visiting Abbottabad? Here is a List of Best Places to Eat in The City

Abbottabad the city of pines is one of the leading tourist spot in Pakistan.The city has lot of sites to travel.If you are in Abbottabad and trying to figure out the best places to dine in so here is the list of adequate food court and restaurants.

Visiting Abbottabad Here is Best Places to Eat in The City

Usmania Restaurant

This restaurant provides with high quality food and a good atmosphere.You can tantalize your taste buds with the food here.

Mnak Restaurant

The restaurant offers a variety of cuisines and delicious food.The food here is provided with traditional outlook, ambiance is great.You can enjoy your meal either indoor or outdoor.

Chaye Khana

This cafe tenders almost all types of delicious desserts,fast foods and asian fusion.You can have a very impressive breakfast and brunch here.

Biryani Express

If you are a biryani lover then dont forget to visit biryani express.You will be well satisfied by the unique presentation and exceptional taste.It also offers a vast range of delicious dishes too.


It is one of the best coffee shop of the town.A wide range of appetizing cakes and pastries makes watery mouth literally.It is recommended to pay a visit at least once.

Afc Abbottabad

It is a fast food restaurant.It also have many branches across different parts of Pakistan.You can dine and take away your meal.It also have children playing area and a cooperative staff.

Cafe Route 35

This restaurant offers one of the best food services in town.The food here is the treat to your tastebuds.BBQ here is just impeccable.

De- Minister Cafe

Steaks are very famous here.You can enjoy pizzas,pastas and burgers.It is a great place for fast food.

Dragon Palace Restaurant

It is one of the oldest Chinese restaurant run by a Chinese family.Chinese as well as Pakistani cuisines are served here.Quality food is served here.


It is one of the American fast food chain.It provides with healthy,fresh and standard sandwiches,burgers and much more.

Other than these you can enjoy your fast food from ITALIAN PIZZA, RED ONION, MILANO PIZZA PARLOUR, MR.COD and TASTE PLANET.

So now don’t get worried of food there, just pack your bag and enjoy your trip with some delectable food in Abbottabad.


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