Pakistani Neurosurgeon Saved An 8 Year Old’s Life!

Tumors and cancers are the most deadliest diseases and having no appropriate treatment in Pakistan, they are also the most feared and painful diseases. At Ayub Teaching Hospital in Abbottabad, an 8 year-old girl was to undergo surgery after being diagnosed with brain tumor. the tumor had formed on her spine, putting pressure on it and bending it. It required surgery to be removed.

Kainat, who belongs to Khuna village of Mansehra , was admitted into the hospital on 3rd April, 2018. Dr. Ehtisham Khan Afridi, an assistant neurosurgeon, moved away from the regular surgical procedure and tried the latest procedure called hinge Laminoplasty. Laminoplasty is a surgical process that creates more space for spinal cord and nerve roots to relieve abnormal pressure on the spine. The surgery proceeded for two and a half hours, conducted by him with the help of Dr. Ahsan Aurangzeb and Dr, Abdul Aziz Khan and a team of eight doctors and technicians. She was treated and the tumor was removed from her spine without affecting her bones.

Dr. Afridi frequently attends international seminars and workshops, applied his recent knowledge to remove the tumor. This made history for the Ayub Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad. This operation was performed for the very first time in Pakistan and is step forward in the field of medicine and surgery.


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