You Won’t Believe What People Are Doing at New Islamabad Airport

Have you ever wondered, whenever a new top-notch building with a state of the art architecture, skyscraper in nature, shiny glass window buildings are made in Pakistan, why in a matter of days when they get in public’s hands get all like an old railway station with a platform aging back to the British empire? Does that mean that something was wrong with the building or the maintenance authorities?

You Won't Believe What People Are Doing at Islamabad Airport

Well the answer is a straight No! There is no leak or leach from the side of maintenance authorities or the architects as much as there is shallowness and brutality in our own public. There is a sense of man-handling and not considering any self-responsibility. If a new mall is open or any new building, people will only grind their own axe. I have seen people hiding trash into wall corners, treating public bathroom as shit itself and using public kiosks or other machinery as towing something on a bull cart.

You Won't Believe What People Are Doing at New Islamabad Airport

Recently a lavishly futuristic and ultra-modern Airport at Islamabad was inaugurated and opened for public. It has a comtemporary look and feel combined with the cultural tinge of the subcontinent, which makes it absolutely fantabulous. The Airport has not even yet been fully functional and people have already started to treat it as “Pakistanis”. There was a video that went pretty viral saying, “new airport but same people”. Showing some people hustling over the luggage ramp and creating a rush. They literally went in the room where luggage was coming from through the hanging barriers and it was absolutely insane.

You Wont Believe What People Are Doing at New Islamabad Airport

Seriously people we have got to change our etiquette and responses. We have to be patient and consistent. Wait and respect are going real fade from our nature, we fight selfishly, we don’t care about the hatred we spread, we don’t care for the image of country and its like something instilled in us, this attitude of carelessness. I mean there must be foreigners there and tourists, may be delegations from all over the world. When we make them see, scenes of ransacking like this and this “Toofan-e-Badtameezi” (literally no other word to describe this), why do we expect them to say nice things about us. We have got to mend ourselves people, because this launching behavior is getting us nothing but tons of bashfulness and shame.


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