Top French Learning Institutes in Islamabad

Islamabad, the heart and capital of the country, has always been host to many foreign delegates and is used to hosting these as well as expatriates and treating them more than just guests.

This atmosphere tends to give birth to renewed and fevered interest in learning and experiencing new languages. Listed below are the most reliable French learning centers in Islamabad.

  1. Rabia Multilingual Academy:

#67-B Main Double Road, G-13/3. Islamabad, Pakistan.

Phone: +92 3469790155

The Rabia Multilingual Academy claims to be the leading language institute based in Islamabad. With teachers who are linguist professionals, fluent in language communication and in French, Japanese, German, Dutch etc, they offer the possibility to learn foreign languages and communication using interactive techniques, that focus primarily on developing communication skills of the students. The academy also has online learning resources available at the tip of the finger, and just a click away.

  1. Alliance Francaise d’Islamabad

Alliance Francaise d’Islamabad has been around for the about the same amount of time as its counterparts in Karachi and Lahore. It continues to function as the primary French learning school in Pakistan, with teachers sometimes hailing from France itself, and highly interactive classes, introducing the students to not only the language but its history and the culture that it spawned many centuries ago. It regularly hosts courses which people from age 5 to 60, all seem to want to attend.

Phone: +92 51 2825218

  1. National University Of Modern Languages:

As the name suggests, the institute is Pakistan very own center for learning modern languages such as French, German, Italian etc., and continues to draw a large amount of excited learners each year to its fore. People ranging from professionals to newly graduated enroll in these courses ranging for diplomas to full degree to experience language learning at its finest.

Phone: +92 51 9265100

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