Master Ayub: Pakistan’s Superhero Without a Cape

Story of Master Ayub, A Gleaming Beacon !

Master Ayub, a resident of Mandi bahauddin had a spirit to to good for the prosperity of people of Pakistan. From the very beginning he had an altruist and humanitarian nature. He wanted to return to his mother land thus adopted the profession of a fire brigadier. He saved the lives of many  through his job during major catastrophic events like bomb blast in Marriott, Islamabad.

Meet Pakistan's Local Hero in Islamabad

One day he was off to some work on his bicycle and he came across a child who was washing cars, He went near him and asked if the kid went to school. He replied with negation saying that his parents cannot afford it. That was the moment when destiny found Master Ayub, He grabbed a notebook and a pencil assuring the kid that he himself will teach him free of cost. Other day two more students joined. In a matter of days, it became a school on innumerable caravan, a galaxy of countless stars waiting to get shoot to shine at their apex.

Master Ayub Pakistan's Superhero Without a Cape!

The place Master Ayub chose was a park at F-9 sector near the constitutional avenue, where the mighty parliament resides. The children study all day long and even make nights during the exam sessions. Master got them enrolled for board examination and they got real excellent results. One of his students sister shared about how happy she was when her sister got a job as a clerk in CDA.

Master Ayub Pakistan's Superhero Without a Cape!


Thirty years of this constant act of noble work has passed and Master Ayub has not stumbled from his path. Students come students go. Though being a celebrity Master Ayub is always openly available to people. He lives a simple life in the slums near by F-9 park. He divides his precious earning into three parts one for the family, one for the school and one solely for his own self. Other that Master’s contribution the school is based on donations, minor and major.

So next time when you felt like easing yourself from the burden of your wallet and luxuriousness go and donate to Master Ayub’s school.

Because teaching someone is making someone be able to earn something, and when you earn and get independent you get aware consequently the nation becomes roaring productive.

Hats off to Master Ayub !


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