Margalla Hills Caught Fire Again!

Flames visible from other end of the city.

The beauty of Islamabad, the mighty Margalla Hills have caught fire again. Its has become a regular incident of every summer that Margalla get on fire. Earlier no heed was paid to it but the NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) has now called for an official help. CDA is also collaborating to extinguish the erupted devil. It was only a week ago that NDMA declared the fire cool but now another blaze is there and its visible from even the other end of the city.

There is no official news or anything about it. People can literally see fire and smoke rising from the Margalla from far off places and yet it is ignored. The earlier fire that was said to be lit from Kalanger village took so much danger and time to get cooled. It was spreading due to wing and Faisal Mosque and its premises were in danger, when Pak-Army was called and the fire was quenched to smoke.

Margalla Hills Caught Fire

Some say that it is due to the large amount of conifer trees up there which catch fire very easily when exposed to extreme warm weather.  The reason ultimately then becomes the global warming we have welcomed which is now dangling above our heads like swords ready to take our heads off. Let’s see now how the tourism authorities and the government try to cover it all up or actually take measures, whereas now in reality it really would be crying over the spilt milk.

I hope and pray that we don’t have a California situation here.


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