GoKarting and Paintball in Islamabad

Islamabadis are fun loving people and keep looking for new places of entertainment to open up in the beautiful capital. There is a lot more to do recently for visitors with new places opening up in the city like Go karting and Paintball arenas. We take a look at fun stuff to do in Islamabad.

  1. Battlefield
    Battlefield is the first company to launch an extreme Sport inPakistan. They provide their clients with the facilities of Paintball and Mini Golf.The price is not too much and is a good adventure for family or a group of friends.
    Paintball Packages:
    – Rookie 500 Rs (35 pellets)
    – Sargent 800 Rs(65 pellets)
    – Captain 1000 Rs (85 pellets)
    – General 1500 Rs (135 pellets)

    The address is at Lake View Park, Rawal Lake, Muree Road, Islamabad, Pakistan.

  2. 2F2F Go karting
    Pakistan’s first international standard go-karting track is at Lake View Park near Rawal Lake Pakistan. It is affiliated with Sodi World Series. This is the perfect place for you to put pedal to the metal and go your fastest over the 1.2 km of high grade asphalt track. Get a group of friends or family together for some fun and competitive times.
    Sodi France supplies all the go-karts. The main track is for adults aged 18 and above. The mini track caters for kids from 6 years of age and above.
    The Charges are as follows:
    – Rs. 2500 per head (Individual rate)
    – Rs. 2000 Per head (groups 5 and over)

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