Car Registration Fee in Islamabad

There are a few steps required to be fulfilled in order to get your vehicle registered in Islamabad. The first and foremost being that the owner fills all the required forms and notices that can either be obtained from the information desks at the Excise and Taxation Department or just download online from their website. The second and most important step is to see that all your credentials are in order, these include a photocopy of CNIC of the applicant, application to the Excise & Taxation Officer for new vehicle registration, proof of purchase, which can be either of the following.

In case there is a locally manufactured vehicle; Sale Invoice, Sale Certificate and related documents will be required. If there is an imported vehicle; Bill of Entry, Bill of Lading, old registration book and related documents will be required. If the vehicle has been auctioned an auction voucher and related documents shall be required and a general proof of residence, which can be either of the following: Allotment letter, CNIC, Lease Agreement, Utility Bills (i.e., electricity, sui-gas, etc.), Registry, office card/appointment letter (in case of Government servant) shall be acceptable as residential proof in Islamabad.

After the selective verification of documents and assuming that all documents are found full and complete in all given aspects then the registration will proceed further, otherwise the form will be rechecked and sent for verification. The computerized version of the form F will then be issued and the required fee will be submitted by the designated data entry operator.

The following formula for registration fees is to be applied in case of all new registrations and is applicable in all provinces of Pakistan: Registration fee + Advance Tax + Token Tax + Income Tax (+ Professional Tax for Commercial Vehicle).

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