Captain Safdar ‘Dark’ Motive Behind Renaming QAU Physics Department

On 5th May, 2018, former and current teachers at the Quaid-i-Azam University staged a protest against renaming of the Physics Department at the University. The protest was staged as a reaction to the National Assembly’s resolution for changing the name of the Physics Dept.

Famous scholars like Pervaiz Hoodbhoy, A.H. Nisar, Sarwar Bari and Dr Sajid Awan also attended these protests. The resolution called for the changing of the name of the Physics department after the famous Muslim scientist, Abu Al-Fath Abd Al-Rahman Mansour Al-Khazini. The protests were staged as a result  that Dr. Abdus Salam Physics Centre was being renamed which is an entirely different entity than the Physics department. The confusion was the result of the fact that Mr. Safdar has been demanding the renaming of Dr. Abdus Salam Physics Centre for the past year.

Capt Safdar Real dark Motive Behind Renaming QAU Physics Department

The demand was to please the religious sect and gather their votes

Since Dr. Abdus Salam is an Ahmadi and not much respected by some narrow-minds due to his religion. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Nayyar said,

Dr. Abdus Salam is the pride of Pakistan and his work and contributions in the field of Physics uphold Pakistan’s name throughout the world.

Professor Hoodbhoy also criticized this resolution, saying that Dr. Abdus Salam is respected worldwide, an Italian centre also being named after him.

Capt Safdar Real Motive Behind Renaming QAU Department

Those trying to erase Dr. Salam’s name will themselves be forgotten but Dr. Salam’s name will be remembered by history.

Mr. Bari also linked this resolution to gaining of votes for the current government.

The resolution passed on Friday, however, was for changing the name of the Physics department, not Abdus Salam Physics Centre.


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