Best Places To Eat In Saidpur Village

Saidpur is one the most beautiful places I’ve been to. The people there are amazing. Children running around after hens and goats is such a beautiful sight. The place is filled with lush greenery and mountains for hiking and trekking.

So when you’re done exploring Saidpur and after you’ve seen the 100 year old train, you’re bound to get hungry. Right?

Here’s a list of restaurants you can go and quench your thirst for good food.

Best Places To Eat In Saidpur

Des Pardes Restaurant

“Home away from home.” This is what des pardes means. The y will do justice to their name and your expectations. The place has a great ambiance and provide great food and service. Make sure to give them a visit when you’re in Saidpur the next time. They serve Pakistani, Barbecue, Asian, Middle Eastern, Halal, Vegetarian Friendly food at very good prices.

Best Places To Eat In Saidpur Villag


this restaurant is very “artistically furnished” and the ambiance is very good too. They serve Pakistani, Asian, Middle Eastern, Balti, Eastern European, Halal, Vegetarian Friendly food at moderate prices and great service.

Best Places To Eat In Saidpur Vilage

Dera Pakhtoon

This restaurant is a meat lover’s heaven. They offer a unique blend of Mughlai Cuisine with fine dining services; this is being done for the first time in Pakistan.
So if you’re interested in trying out the authentic recipes from centuries ago, dera pakhtoon is the place to go. They serve the most delicious lamb chops and tikka and their platters having whole lamb ribs, quails, Palau and Peshawar kebab will make your mouth water.


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