My Name Is Kareena Kapoor Khan And I’m Not A Feminist

Kareena Kapoor who is on a roll these days, promoting her new (feminist) movie Veere Di Wedding, made an appalling statement that goes something like :

I believe in equality. I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist, I would say I’m a woman and above all I’m a human being, I’m also proud to be known as Saif Ali Khan’s wife as I am to be Kareena Kapoor. So that is just the way I am.”

Don’t do this to us Geet, we had hope in you. Look if that is the way you are, good, but why say that you believe in equality? You could have just said you don’t believe in the ideology that the sexes are equal, because that is literally what feminism means: equality.
Not ‘Same’ but ‘Equal’.

In rights, in choices etc. Is that so hard to get?

The dictionary meaning of feminism is : the advocacy  of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of sexes.

Now if some people do sometimes distort its image, doesn’t mean the whole movement itself becomes useless, if it weren’t for the movement you wouldn’t even have been allowed to leave the kitchen or vote for that matter.

What’s more disturbing is the fact that there a large number of people, women included, educated ones at that, who still fall under the same mentality and this pattern is disturbing, for the well-being of our society where women still lack basic rights.

Do these women want to impress their male counterparts by denouncing the fact that they’re feminists? Are they still letting one gender have power over another, or are there some other deep-rooted ideas that give rise to this pattern, Gods knows.

Here is some schooling done by twitter to Miss Bebo


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