India Took a Step Further. Will Pakistan Follow?

Between 2012 and 2016 the number of rape cases doubled in amount, according to the Indian crime report. In response there have not only been protest and hunger strike nationwide but Indian parents have started to let go of the taboo and talk about not only good and bad touch but specifically about rape as well.

source: the Indian express

“When you are educating a child, it’s not a one-time affair. Incidents in the news should be used as teaching moments based on the child’s age and cognitive abilities”, said Dr. Samir Parikh a child psychologist in an interview with BBC.

Indian government came under a lot of pressure from public after the recent cases of minor girls and decided to add ‘death penalty’ as punishment whoever physically abuse a girl under age of 12. The minimum years of prison sentence for an accused is found guilty of rape of girls under age of 16 and women have been raised as well. The order was commanded in a special cabinet meeting chaired by Narenda Modi, prime minister of India.

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Now the question lies if the execution will precede, the number of execution in total is three in India and last was done in 2015. The four men found guilty in a Delhi bus gang rape case are not yet executed according to the code panel death penalty for ganged rape.

Although it is a professional step towards the battle of rape but the strict implication is necessary. The incompetent behavior justice institution is the strongest root cause of these matters either in India or Pakistan.

source: RBK global school

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