List of Banks in Karimabad (Hunza) (Gilgit Baltistan)

Karimabad is a city located in Gilgit Baltistan province. Formerly known as Baltit, the city is the administrative and commercial capital of Hunza District. The name of the area was changed to Karimabad In honour of Prince Agha Karim Khan, who is the spiritual head of the large Ismaeli community living in the area.

The region is full of people with diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. There is no one dominating tribe or cast however Yashkun and Sheen are the major tribes of the area meanwhile other smaller tribes of Mughals, Kashmiris and Baltis are also present. Similarly there are many languages spoken in the region however Burushasky is the major language of Karimabad.

The place is also a famous tourist attraction spot with many beautiful sites to visit which includes places like Baltit Fort and Queen Victoria monument. Most of the locals are involved in agriculture and tourism industry which serves as their main source of income. For financial transactions, the following banks are available in the area:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
National Bank of Pakistan 2226 Main Bazaar, Karimabad 05813-920803 Yes

This is the list of banks present in the Karimabad. Western Union, Easy Paisa and Jazz Cash services are also available in Karimabad.

If you’re from Karimabad & can share more information like of any other banks, their locations (addresses), phone numbers or anything, please leave a comment so others can also benefit from it.


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