Opening up a Salon in Dubai? What You Need to Know

The Basics of Running a Ladies Salon

Ladies Saloon in Dubai

Every man and woman wants to look beautiful and pleasant around the people they love. They want to look attractive especially to their partners. This natural human interest towards uniqueness brings a great business opportunity.

A lot of investors realize that this interest can be a basis for good profit. So, there’s a growing popularity for creating hair salons in Dubai. It seems like a risk you should take on! But before venturing into this, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

Ladies Saloon

1) Getting the Permission of Appropriate Authority

Before starting a beauty salon in Dubai, first of all, you must get the permission of the appropriate authorities. You can only engage yourself in entrepreneurial activity on legal lands.

2) Choosing the Best Place

In the first place, it is essential to choose the best place for your salon. Moreover, it is necessary to study the best place for a beauty salon. As in other spheres of business, you must consider a target group which is a fundamental principle of any businessman. You need to take into account the competition you will face and your target audience’s buying habits. If all things aren’t considered, you might suffer heavy losses.

3) Obtaining a License For The Salon

Secure local permits and licenses such as a primary business license, a business name no objection letter, and many others. Check laws and regulations to see if you need a permit from the health department. Having insurance is also a good strategy to protect yourself and your business from lawsuits and customer complaints to account for unforeseen incidents.

4) Managing Finances

Estimate your start-up costs carefully starting with incorporation fees, rent, marketing expenses, and of course, money for specific equipment. You will need to purchase all kinds of stuff and supplies like styling chairs, hair dryers, shampoo bowls and many others. You also need to ensure you can pay the bills and carefully maintain the Salon, otherwise you will have to face financial problems which isn’t good for business.

5) Advertising Your Business

You can open a neighborhood beauty salon which will need a grand opening. Advertise your different Salon or make fliers and brochures in which you offer a service at discount or special promotions.

Offer coffee and refreshments to the clients. Start e-mail marketing campaign, or use social networks as your website. A blog or a social media group will be great for online appointment booking, especially if its optimized for mobile devices.

Make sure you offer the best customer service because that will help boost your Salon’s image a lot.



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