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Telegram’s TON is going to be the coin of 2018

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Yes, this is happening! I can’t even believe it! Whatever, the pundits were saying about the cryptocurrency boom, the logic that if more people jump in the more will follow and eventually serious players will start adopting blockchain, exactly that is happening!

After all, we all feel ditched by the technology, it has been hijacked by the big brother who made it centralized, formed NSA and started snooping everything that crosses the Internet. The very idea that we can have a decentralized system based on open-source, peer-reviewed code with no big brother seems nostalgic, however, we are here, living the dream, preparing to ride the wave as Telegram is going to open it’s ICO floodgates (yes, floodgates), I wonder how many servers they will install just to cater the influx of people trying to get their hand on the most hyped coin that is yet to come.

More funny will be the idea that Telegram is going to be in competition with Visa and Mastercard in the near future through its payment currency, but these very services will power the transactions for now (it seems so, if Bitcoin will be used to power such huge ICO, the own value of Bitcoin may skyrocket).

I remember watching Apple’s share when it was $150 a piece and then in front of my eyes, it went all the way up to the $800 and at that time I stopped tracking it. Also, after reading Salim Ismail’s “Exponential Organizations”, I wondered if Google and Apple are continuously evolving themselves from within to counter the disruption that will eventually happen to them as well, how can someone from outside disrupt them? It seemed difficult to me just a few months ago, but not anymore! The leaked whitepaper for Telegram’s ICO carries the exact details of how that disruption will happen and given that it’s a serious company and founder has the background of building first and now Telegram, he is going to deliver on his promise of incorporating sharding to quickly process blocks of his cryptocurrency.

Ethereum also seems to have a real contender here as Telegram is going to lure the blockchain talent to build on top of their improved code, what remains to be seen is that how Telegram will control transaction charges that are already becoming a problem for Ethereum based startups?

Whatever is the case, it seems Telegram is going to be the coin of 2018!


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