List of banks in Khanozai (Pishin) (Balochistan)

Khanozai is a union council in the Karezat Tehsil in the district of Pishin. The name Khanozai is a combination of 2 pashto words ‘khano’ and ‘zoi’. The meaning of the name is ‘son of khano’. The town includes three villages known as Dadhaqzai, Saki zai and Saleh zai. The town is located at the height of 6457 feet just above the sea level. The town is very significant strategically. There are two reasons for its importance. First, Khanozai is a head quarter of the Karezat Tehsil. The town is also serving as a Municipal Committee. The city of Khanozai is blessed with two kinds of resources that are mineral resources and agriculture. The city has several facilities such as schools, offices and banks. The information about banks in Khanozai is given below.

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility


National Bank of Pakistan Khanozai  Branch



Main Bazar Haji Ghaibi Road Khewat # 1457/133/125 Khanozai District Pishin Quetta








Allied Bank khanozai  Branch



Allied bank, MAIN BAZAR KHANOZAI, DISTT. PISHIN., khanozai


0826-427521 Yes

Above mentioned is the list of Banks in Khanozai for ATM services. You can use the ATM facilities to perform withdrawals, cash deposits, funds transfer, or you can also get account information whenever you want.

If you are from Khanozai and can give any further information such as the information of any other banks, their addresses, phone numbers or anything, please use the comments section below so that others can also benefit from it as well.


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