Man Took Out Son’s Eyeballs With A Spoon

Female is the gender that has been repressed and exploited over the centuries. They have came a long way in protecting their status and rights but as a humans, we have not come far enough at least in Pakistan. Many equal parts of Pakistan that government seem to have forget about are the swamp of the physical abuse and violation of rights for both men and women. We all are aware of daily news of women honor killing, rape, and murder over lover marriage and men are also victim of violence and even rape, it would be a shame to count the number of cases.

The recent incident of brutality and inhumanity was filed in Quetta where Abdul Baqi, 22, from Nasirabad, in Balochistan province was blinded by his own father over the argument he wanted to marry a girl of his choice. Being affectionate towards someone and hoping to live life together by right means is natural, ethical and also permissionable in Islam but his both eyes were gouged out with curry spoon while he was tied with ropes. His four brothers were part of this crime as well. Although father and two brothers are arrested the other two brothers escaped.

Now, whoever is later gonna come forward and say the justice is served because the offenders were caught needs to sit back down with the glue on chair. The justice is not served if the damage is already done, a damage to life.

Due to scarcity of law in Pakistan, these law institutions are not influential enough. The offender does not think twice of the consequence because it could be long time before arrest or the execution of punish decided for the crime. The law is not applicable to only punish the guilty but it is to prevent the crimes and that concept is lost in Pakistan. We can not always blame feudalism or chaudrahat for the conditions of smaller areas but the government and the law enforcers.

These people are equally human and citizens of Pakistan, they make the majority of population and are also the most repressed people let it be men or women. Politicians always claim to end load shedding and corruption if elected but who have ever claimed to improve the law and enforcement for all across Pakistan, rural or urban area? We do not get much options to elect a better person. Hence living in a state of denial.


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