List of Banks in Hub Hite (Balochistan)

Hub is a small town located in the South West province of Balochistan in Pakistan. It is located on the banks of River Hub and it runs through the town of Hub in the area of Las Bela. It is situated on Main RCD Highway. RCD here stands for Regional Corporation for Development. There is not much population along this road. Most of the area along the road is deserted and mostly containers coming  to and from the ports near the coast can be seen cruising this highway.  A small part of Hub’s population depends upon agriculture for a source of employment. Others are employed by the small businesses being run around the town while some move to other cities in hope of a better income. Most of the area around Hub is barren desert with extreme weather conditions because of which proper agriculture cannot be carried out here.

Below is a list of the available banking facilities in Hub for any sort of financial transactions like sending or receiving money:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Availability
National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) 1902 LIEDA Building, Main RCD Highway, Hub    

For the utility of anyone in the area of Hub, the available ATM services have been listed above along the list of banks.

If you are from Hub, it is requested to kindly share any missing information such as missing phone numbers or some other bank in the area in the comments section so that others may also benefit from it.


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