List of banks in Rawalakot (Azad Jammu Kashmir)

Rawalakot is a situated in a District of Azada Jammu and Kashmir named Poonch. It was constructed in the PirPanjal Range. The total population of Rawalakot is 371,00 which was according to the census of 1998. It consists of total three towns and twenty one Union councils. Rawalakot is also known by te name of Pearl Valley because of its famous Almond blossoms which can be everywhere in the valley during summers. All the four seasons can be seen properly in this town which is spring, summer, autumn and winters. The temperature stays mild during spring season whereas in summers the highest temperature is 38 C. During winter heavy snowfall occurs. Rawalakot is surrounding by  countless  villages TainPatola, Tain, DeraSadozai, ManjariShareef, TainDhalkot,(Namralabangoin) Chirooti, Bhagiana, Pachiot, Datote, Barien, Ballari, Argali, Paniola, Zairat, Kharian, Laghriat, Singola, Thorar, Mong, Androte, Rehara, Hurnamaira, Chapharaban, Tarnuti, Kottera, BarianPothi, Khayi Gala, Qoiyaan, Kharick, Rairbun, Topa Soon, Kaimon, Titrot, Motialmara, TrarDewan, Chaire, Chapanidahar, Chuck, Tranni, Dahmni, Parat, PothiBala/Makwalan, Kharek, Pakgali, Paniola, Banakha, KhaytChrian, Mohri Farman Shah, shuja Abad, Cheahr, Barmang, Chak, Dreak, Banjosa, Hussainkot, Hurnamera, Tarnuti, Thorar, Lunjgranbandar, Rehara, Bangoin, Jandala, Timrot, Jehlary and Thala, Pachiot, BhagianaShoukat Abad, Nailyaan, Kheeryan and ToliPir.

The hill station has banking facilities for its residents and it tourist. A list of banks in Rawalakot along with its details is given below.

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
Allied Bank Rawalakot 0224 Rawalakot 0997-450005 Yes
Meezan Bank Bank Road, Rawalakot +92 21 111 331 Yes
JS BANK  9075 Rawalakot 0800 011 22 Yes
Bank of AJK 0004 Rawalakot Yes
United Bank Limited 1027 Rawalakot 053-3586035 Yes
Habib Bank Limited 1136 Bank Road, Rawalakot  05824-920074/920075 Yes
Bank Alfalah 0574 Bank Rd, Rawalakot 454-723758 Yes

Above mentioned is the list of Banks in Rawalakot for ATM services. You can use ATM facilities to carry out withdrawals, cash deposits, funds transfer, or you can also obtain account information whenever you want.

If you are from Rawalakot and can share any more information for instance the information of any other banks, their locations, phone numbers or anything, kindly use the comments section so that others can also benefit from it as well.


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