Fast Food Places in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Mirpur is the biggest city of Azad Kashmir and is the main source of business and trade of the area. The city itself has experienced a procedure of modernization, while the greater part of the encompassing range stays horticultural. Mirpur is known for its fantastic structures and huge cottage houses basically subsidized through its ex-pat group, which comes chiefly from the United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Middle East and North America. The fundamental yield developed amid summer is millet and heartbeats. Be that as it may, there are spots where different yields, for example, wheat, maize and vegetables are additionally developed. The create of value rice from the paddy fields of khari Sharif between Upper Jhelum Canal and Jhelum stream are extremely celebrated and famous for its smell and taste. The creation of power, through Mangla Dam makes this locale to some degree surprising in the whole area which gives vitality needs to Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Northern Punjab region. People of mirpur are adopting the modern trends day by day, talking about fast food, people are not use to eating burgers, pizzas, shawarmas etc, but the locals are adopting the trend to provide citizens and tourists with the eatables that are obsessive worldwide. Few of the known fast food chains in Mirpur are as follows:

  1. KFC: Food, fun and Festivity, this is the thing that KFC is all driving the market since its commencement, KFC gives a definitive chicken dinners to a chicken adoring country. Be it colonel sanders mystery unique formula chicken or the hot and zesty variant, each chomp brings a yum all over. At KFC we can gladly say, “We do chicken right”.
  2. Mr. Chicken: Here at Mr.Chicken we aim to give you the same standard of service you would receive in the UK in our quality of food service & hygiene which is second to none. The brains behind Mr. Chicken are two young men born and bred in the UK who felt there was a market for quality fast food needed in Pakistan which saw the opening of their first Mr. Chicken branch in DHA Islamabad, with the success of the Islamabad branch 8 months on they decided to open their next branch in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir.
  3. Fish and Chicks Mirpur: Fish and Chicks Mirpur is one of the popular Food Stand located in Kotli road f1 ,Mirpur listed under Local business in Mirpur , Restaurant in Mirpur , Food Stand in
  4. Hamza’s Haveli: It is a food chain, providing every type of fast food and all other types of cuisines. It is located at Main Bazar Chakswari, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir
  5. Demino Pizza: Demino is a pizza chain working in mirpur for 2 years and the reviews about the place are terrific and ambiance of the place is awesome.


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