Best Hotels to Stay in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Grand Regency Hotel

Grand Regency Hotel in Mirpur is the most premium, luxurious and hospitable place to stay in. It has all the best facilities, ranging from wifi, car hiring and rentals, free laundry, breakfast buffet to trips around the scenic places. Some of the best staff attends to your every need, they also have a small play area and swimming pool, plus an outside verandah for sitting. They have a huge media room, having a 55” TV and a projector for weekly movie matinee. The rates may be high, but if you a re looking for a comfortable place to lower your head at night, these rooms have large areas, attached kitchens and drawing rooms, making you feel right at home.

City View Hotel

City View Hotel has the best advantage geographically. It is located in the center of the city, but in a quieter corner, so that access to the city is easy, but the hum drum of city life doesn’t have to necessarily disturb the peace of the visitors. The hotel has a great BBQ reputation, and tends to have a lot of city dwellers coming in to eat as well. The view from the dining area at the top of the building at night is spectacular, and people happily pay good money for this.

Kashmir Hilton Hotel

Borrowing the name from an international hotel change, Kashmir Hilton aspires to much the same standards. It has an impressively trained staff, and together with its restaurant, it has a remarkable reputation for good food too. When the Grand Regency becomes an expensive option or is overbooked, people most often turn to Kashmir Hilton, knowing they will get next to best treatment at this hotel. Having the name, its counted as one of the best Mirpur has to offer.

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