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List of Banks in Jhugian Forest (Azad Jammu Kashmir)

Jhugian Forest is a forest located in Azad Kashmir region in Northern Pakistan. It is near the city of Muzaffarabad. Jhugian Forest is at an elevation of about 2,376 meters. The forest is covered with tall green trees. The snow covered caps of the mountains surrounding Jhugian Forest can be seen from inside. The air around the forest is very soothing are refreshing. In winters, there is heavy snowfall in Jhugian Forest and the weather gets very cold. In the summers, the weather is mostly mild and it does not get as extremely hot as it does in other towns of Pakistan. Jhugian Forest needs to be promoted more for it to reach its optimal tourism potential.

The population of the area surrounding Jhugian Forest mostly communicates in Urdu, Pashto and sometimes Punjabi. English is also spoken and understood by the educated inhabitants of the respective towns and villages.

Below is a list of the available banking services near Jhugian Forest for any sort of financial transactions like sending or receiving money:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Availability
National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) 0377 Newr SCO exchange, Bank Rd, Muzaffarabad 05822-445402


Habib Bank Limited (HBL) 2475 Chella Bandi Chowk, Muzaffarabad 05822-447197 No


At the moment there are no banks in Jhugian Forest. The nearest available banking services are I the nearby town of Muzaffarabad.

If you are from Jhugian Forest, it is requested to share any missing information in the comments section below so that others may also benefit from it.


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