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List of Banks in Jandathi (AJK)

Jandathi is a small beautiful village in Tehsil and district Rawalakot of Azad Jammu Kashmir. This town is located about 20 KM north east of Rawalakot on Muzaffarabad Rawalakot road. A river named Dhandhi River runs through the village which is surrounded by hilly tracks and lush green fields which makes it a beautiful valley. Just like other villages in this area weather is harsh in winter with lots of snowfall.

Main source of living is agriculture and it is a very important and busy market place between Rawalakot and Muzaffarabad. Jandathi serve as a central hub for the neighboring villages between these 2 districts. There are road side markets, hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores. There is also a post office in this village.

Many people from Jandathi moved to different parts of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan to support their families. For all such people following is the list of banks for sending or receiving money in Jandathi:

Name Branch Code Address Phone Number ATM Facility
National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) 1633 Main bazar. Jandathi Dist Rawalakot  AJK


921611 Yes

Above is the list of ATM service in Jandathi. You can also send money or receive money by using western union services. There are no money gram services in this town.

If you’re from Jandathi & can share more information like if there’re any other banks, their locations (addresses), phone numbers or anything, please use the comments area so that others can also benefit from it.

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